​​VetroSpec - The Technical Glass Component Solutions Company
  1. Managing Director
VetroSpec is a company founded on a wealth of experience and knowledge spanning over 50 years.  We still get excited about glass.
As a team, we work exeptionally well together.  We pride ourselves on our longstanding relationships with our customers, many of whom have become part of our glass family.  We are very flexible and can work to timescales in an industry where time is often of the essence.

The eclectic nature of our work means that we meet a vast and hugely interesting range of people, from professors to jewellers and every shade in between.

This diversity, where every project has different requirements, means that we are constantly progressing, enhancing our wide and ever expanding skills base.  

As we are constantly learning,  growing and developing, we  often challenge ourselves in order to produce new and cutting edge applications for an ancient material. Many a EUREKA! moment has happened from the darkness of the glass cave.

We are creative and determined people who like to think outside the box.  This combination is what leads us to produce components which may be otherwise dismissed as impossible.  
                                 In short, we are the glass geeks!

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